Claude E. Ingalls

Born: August 22, 1877 near Bristow, IA
Died: August 8, 1950, Corvallis, OR
Inducted: 1979

Associated with:
Corvallis Gazette Times, 1915-1950
Washington Republican-Register, Washington, KS, 1905-1915

C.E. Ingalls was born in 1877 near Bristow, Iowa, son of a farmer whose ancestor, Edmund Ingalls, had come to Lynn, Mass., in 1628 and of a mother who had come from England in 1857.
     He moved with his parents to the Dakotas, Washington Territory and Oregon, where his mother died when he was 8. He then lived with is grandparents in Wisconsin and in Washington, Kansas, were he was graduated from high school.
     He taught high school while studying for the bar. He was just setting up his law office when a group of Washington County businessmen, familiar with his writing, offered to finance him if he would buy a dying local paper. Thus, on an unsecured loan, he became editor and publisher of the Washington Republican in 1904. His high school sweetheart, who had been off to college in the East and spent six months in Europe, returned to Kansas in 1905 and lent him the $2,500 with which he bought the other small Washington weekly. He consolidated the two papers into the Republican-Register. In May, 1906, the sweetheart became his wife and a reporter on his paper until their first child was born in 1911.
     Remembering from his childhood the beauty and mild climate of the West coast, Ingalls took the train west in 1915, and found a paper in a college town where he thought he and his family would be happy. He thus became editor and publisher of the Corvallis Gazette-Times, and made it one of the most respected dailies in the state.
     He became a leader in local and state affairs for 35 years until his death in 1950.
     His son Robert and his daughter Alice attended Oregon State University and his wife and daughter taught there. Robert took over as editor and publisher at his father's death.

Posthumous tributes:
"Scholarly, well-read, he was a pungent paragrapher, a rhythmic phrase-maker, a distinctive stylist, always the sharp but witty critic. And with all his love of controversy, once you got him away from in front of his editorial typewriter, he was a genial, kindly and companionable soul; and a wide circle all over the country will miss him sadly." -- Eugene Register-Guard

"Some of his editorials are collector's items. And even when we have been on the receiving end of his caustic comment--and almost every Oregon editor knows what we mean--it's been a pleasure. That's how good he was." -- The Oregon Journal

"Ingalls has achieved regional renown for analysis, wit and general brilliance." -- The Oregonian

"Claude Ingalls attained a national reputation for his virile and scholarly editorials. He never failed to assail political chicanery and demagoguery, scorned weasel words and called a skunk a skunk when he saw one masquerading in ermine ... every humanitarian and patriotic effort for public betterment." -- George Putnam, Salem Capitol Journal

"Claude Ingalls has been one of the most brilliant and most fearless editors in the country. Steeped in history and versed in politics with a rare faculty of literary expression, he made the 'G-T' editorial page distinguished through the years." -- Charles A. Sprague, former Governor, in the Salem Statesman