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How can I place an ad in the Oregon 2x2 Network?
Simply call one of the participating newspapers or the ONAC office in Portland, 503-624-6397.

Are there any restrictions on what I can advertise?
Each participating newspaper and ONAC reserve the right to edit all copy submitted and to reject ads that do not comply with state and federal regulations or that are offensive, deceptive, or otherwise unacceptable. For more information, see the 2x2 Advertising Guidelines.

What day does my ad run? Every day of the week in dailies?
Each paper runs the ad one time each week. The weeklies, of course, run the ad on the day they publish (mostly Wednesday or Thursday). Daily newspapers use the day that's best for their individual markets (generally Thursday or Friday). Many newspapers include their total market coverage papers at no extra charge.

Can I get tearsheets from papers after the ad runs?
There are too many papers to provide tearsheets. ONAC monitors ads sent to participating newspapers and guarantees placement in at least 90 percent of them. Upon request, ONAC will issue an affidavit confirming placement.

What if I want to run my ad again but I want to change some words?
We can't accept any call-in changes, so you will need to submit a new ad.

Is there a less expensive price for running the same ad again?
No. Oregon 2x2 Network ads are a special promotion that is already priced for substantial savings over similar-sized display ads.

Are there any other businesses like mine advertising the same week?
There's no way of knowing. The best way to fight the competition is with a great product or service at a great buy. We cannot offer category exclusivity.

How many calls will I get if I run this ad?
There is no way to tell. Advertise a good product with a great price, run it consistently, and you should be pleased with your response.