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OCAN Questions & Answers

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What does "regional" mean in the OCAN Classifieds?
A regional OCAN ad costs less than a statewide ad and runs only in participating OCAN newspapers in the selected region. Currently, Oregon is divided into three regions: Northwest, Southwest, and East. (Click on the region name to see participating newspapers there.) You can save money and target your message by running your ad in one or two regions rather than statewide.

How can I place a statewide or regional ad in the OCAN Classifieds?
You can contact the classified department of the OCAN participating newspaper nearest you and ask to place a statewide or regional OCAN ad. Alternatively, you can use our convenient online order form; or you can fax the ad copy to Julie Schmidt at the ONPA office, 503-624-9811, and either include credit card information with your fax or provide it over the phone. We do not accept ad copy or changes over the phone, and we do not recommend using postal mail to order OCAN Classifieds. In all cases, we will contact you after receiving your ad copy and before running the ad or accepting payment.

Can I place an ad in other states?
Yes. More than 40 other states offer statewide classified networks with excellent readership and low rates. You can indicate your states of interest on the online order form or on the printed order form that is available from the classified department of any participating OCAN newspaper. We will contact you with current rates and deadlines for those states.

What day does my ad run? Every day of the week in dailies?
Each paper runs the ad one time each week. The weeklies, of course, run the ad on the day they publish (usually Wednesday or Thursday). Daily newspapers choose the day that's best for their individual markets (usually Thursday or Friday). Many newspapers will include your ad in their total market coverage issues as well.

How do you count words for OCANs?
Anything separated by spaces is considered a word, except a phone number, time of day (8am-5pm), or date (3/1/98, March 1st), which are counted as one word, as are building dimensions (20x30x40). Other hyphenated or slash-marked combinations (client-server, member/associate) are counted as separate words. An address, including PO box or route numbers, counts as two words; city, state, and zip are one word each.

What heading will the papers put my ad under?
We try to honor your chosen classification, but at times we may choose another that we deem appropriate. In many cases, the entire group of OCAN classified ads, arranged according to the classifications we specify, appears in a separate area in the newspaper's classified section under the heading "Statewide Classifieds." Other newspapers may choose to mix individual OCAN statewide and regional ads with their other local ads, and they have the option to choose another appropriate classification.

Is there a lower price for running the same ad again?
A discounts is available if you choose to run the same ad for four or more consecutive weeks. Ask us about discounts for longer consecutive runs.

What if I want to run my ad again but I want to change some words?
Changing an ad that ran previously is essentially the same as ordering a new ad. We can't accept any call-in changes, but you can place another order through our online order form or fax us your new ad copy as described above under "How can I place a statewide or regional ad in the OCAN Classifieds?"

Are there restrictions on what I can advertise?
ONAC and each participating newspaper reserve the right to edit all copy submitted and to reject ads that do not comply with state and federal regulations or that are offensive, deceptive or otherwise unacceptable. Click here for specific advertising guidelines and restrictions.


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