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ONPA 2014 newspaper contests

Judging Instructions

Thank you for volunteering to judge our ONPA 2014 newspaper contests. Your rankings and comments will help our member newspapers improve their products.

Judging for these contests will be done in two phases this year. Please read this page completely before clicking its links. If you have questions about or problems with this process, please contact Laurie Hieb at dmerrill@orenews.com or 503-624-6397 ext 25.

Phase I: Judging, commentary, and winner selection

1. Log into the online judging facility on the ONPA web site. If you need a password, contact Laurie Hieb.

2. After logging in, select your name from the list of judges and click "GO".

3. Select the category you want to work on and click "GO".

4. For each entry in that category, click the "Judge" button and follow the instructions. Be sure to rate the entry and comment on it, if only briefly.

5. When all entries in a category have been judged, choose and make note of which should be awarded first, second, and third place. Then click "[select another]" to choose another category.

Phase II: Recording winners

When you have evaluated and commented on all entries and selected winners for each category, log in as a judge here with your email address and the same password you used on the first site. Once logged in, click "View my assignments". In each category, locate each winning entry you noted previously, click to "open" it, then immediately click "Done reviewing this entry". (Do not enter comments or rate the entry: you've done that already.) When the winning entries are visible in the "Reviewed entries" area, drag each onto its corresponding award slot.



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