Multimedia advertising placement services

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Real Access Media Placement (RAMP) helps agencies and clients place advertising in multiple newspaper publications and websites around the state, the region, and the nation.

No more hours spent calling each newspaper individually and trying to figure out various rate cards. That's our job! We'll help you identify the best buy for your advertising dollar using contracts, frequency discounts, and special sections geared toward specific demographics. It's accurate. It's effective. And it's a free service to you.

One order. One bill. No service charge.

  1. Call for a free quote tailored to your DMA, geographic area or target market requirements. We can also provide reach and frequency analysis.
  2. Send your insertion order and artwork one time.
  3. RAMP does the heavy lifting:
    -providing a detailed quote
    -making all space reservations
    -distributing all artwork to each newspaper
    -providing one itemized bill along with all tearsheets
  4. Pay with one check and you're done!

If you are interested in retail, contract, or combination rates for Pacific Northwest newspapers, please contact RAMP at 503-624-6397 for a free quote and detailed information.

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