OCAN Statewide Classifieds

Advertise regionally or statewide with one order! You can place a classified ad in the statewide OCAN network for only $250, or in one of three regions (see map) for only $100 per region.

PLEASE NOTE! The regional program is currently available ONLY to Oregon residents and businesses.

Reach more than half a million Oregon households at half the price! Imagine the time, energy, and money you'd spend to place your own classified ad in up to 80 newspapers. After you found all the right phone or fax numbers, filled out and delivered all the classified forms, and made payments to all the newspapers, the payments alone would total more than twice the cost of the same ad placed via the OCAN network.

Save even more with OCAN Regional Classifieds! To provide more options for advertisers, we've divided Oregon into three regions: Northwest, Southwest, and East (see map above). Your OCAN Regional ad will appear in all participating OCAN newspapers in the region or regions you choose, and the cost per region is less than half that of a statewide OCAN ad.

Here are three ways to put your ad to work in this low-cost statewide network:

  1. Contact any participating OCAN newspaper in Oregon to place your statewide or regional ad.
  2. Place your ad online. (Under construction. Print online form and fax to 503-639-9009)
  3. Mail or fax your ad to OCAN Advertising, Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association, 400 Second Street, Suite 100, Lake Oswego, OR 97034, 

Deadline: Tuesday at 5:00 pm Pacific time for insertion the following week.


All advertisements must be prepaid. Please do not send cash or a personal check: only money order, certified check, or Visa, MasterCard, or American Express are accepted. We do not provide tearsheets for OCAN advertising.

As with all advertising, each participating newspaper has the right to reject any ad for any reason. However, ads that follow the content acceptance guidelines have little problem with rejection by participating newspapers. If you are concerned that your ad may not be accepted, please feel free to email (onpa@orenews.com) your ad copy to us for evaluation.




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